2018 Race Schedule


April 14th Virginia Motor Speedway Ultimate $20,000
April 20th Carolina Speedway Carolina Clash $5,000
April 21st Dixie Speedway Ultimate $4,000
April 28th Modoc Raceway Ultimate / Clash $5,022
May 5th Laurens County Speedway Ultimate $4,014
May 11th Fayetteville Motor Speedway WOO Prelims
May 12th Fayetteville Motor Speedway WOO $25,000
May 18th Carolina Speedway Ultimate / Clash $4,000
May 19th North Georgia Speedway Ultimate $4,000
May 25th 311 Motor Speedway Ultimate $4,000
May 27th Cherokee Speedway Carolina Clash $5,000
June 1st Carolina Speedway Ultimate / Clash $4,000
June 2nd Lancaster Speedway Ultimate $4,000
June 16th Virginia Motor Speedway Ultimate $20,000
July 6th Cherokee Speedway Lucas Oil $12,000
July 14th Wythe Raceway SNS $10,000
July 28th Dixie Speedway Ultimate $4,000
August 11th Cherokee Speedway Carolina Clash $5,000
August 14th Carolina Speedway Carolina Clash $3,000
August 17th Crossville Speedway Ultimate $4,000
September 1st Lancaster Speedway Carolina Clash $4,000
September 2nd Cherokee Speedway Carolina Clash $5,000
September 8th Screven Motor Speedway SAS $10,000
September 22nd Modoc Raceway Ultimate $4,000
September 28th Fayetteville Motor Speedway Ultimate $5,000
September 29th Fayetteville Motor Speedway Carolina Clash $5,000
October 6th Smoky Mountain Speedway SAS $7,500
October 12th Carolina Speedway Unsanctioned $3,000
October 13th Carolina Speedway Carolina Clash $5,000
November 16th Screven Motor Speedway Ultimate $5,000
November 17th Lancaster Speedway SAS $10,000
November 18th Cherokee Speedway Carolina Clash $10,000

Schedule subject to change.

More dates will be added soon. (Check Weekly)